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In the event of any future need for Blended Learning, it will be available through our Year 4 Google Classroom page. Please contact Mrs Jenkins or Mrs Smith for the class code. 

Home School Blended Learning W/B 13.07.20

Home School Blended Learning W/B 06.07.20

Year 4 Home School Blended Learning W/B 29.06.20

Year 4 Fortnight Beginning 15th June 2019

Year 4 Fortnight Beginning 1st June 2020

Year 4 Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Y4 Fortnight Beginning 04.05.20

Send Captain Tom Moore a birthday card

Download your copy of the Captain Tom Moore birthday card template, below:

Captain Tom Moore Birthday Card

Raglan NHS Rainbow Colouring Page

Download a copy of the wonderful Raglan NHS Rainbow colour page and display it in your window!

Raglan NHS Rainbow Colouring

Easter Holiday Challenge

I hope you all enjoy this slightly unusual Easter Break! If you need something to keep you busy, then you could enter the Minecraft Competition! The entry information is below!

Minecraft Competition Instructions and Rule

Below is the new school approach to distance learning, as detailed in Mrs Rowlands' email to all families this week. I have tried to include as many open ended opportunities as possible, with any supporting resources that I think might be helpful. The idea of this planning format is that the children should pick a few activities from each box to complete each week, over a 2 week period, but they can complete them all if they/you want! I have also included some other '30 days of....' challenges that could prove a helpful distraction or brain break.
In addition, I will still be posting regular audio recordings of our class novel and, if we finish that, I have a whole host of amazing books to share.
Through Google Classroom, the children also have access to my Wordwall resources, which are games and activities which will help them with their Welsh, Maths and English. These can all be played multiple times, as the activities 'reshuffle' themselves after a round. A particular favourite is Bingo Anifail!

You will also find (below) a copy of a Spelling, Handwriting and Maths booklet that I have been using with Year 4 for a while now. It is a large document, so I wouldn't suggest printing the whole thing, but the occasional page might prove useful practice of their basic skills.
As I find them, I will also post any fun, quick activities or puzzles I find, along with the online 'Kahoot' quizzes that I can build for the children. These are also accessed through Google Classroom.
Despite the format/structure of the distance learning changing, I would still appreciate the children sharing anything they do with me, as I can then give feedback or help as required.
I will also do my best to host collaborative minecraft sessions as often as I can, as this gives the children another opportunity to virtually meet up with their friends.
From what I have seen, you are all doing an amazing job at juggling everything life is throwing at us at the moment. As well as making sure your children are occupied, safe and well, please also consider your own wellbeing!
If there is anything else you need or I can do to help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Be safe everyone!
Mr B!

Parents, the planning that I have put together and the associated resources are above. I will also try to use Google Classroom to structure how the children feedback their work to me, so that I too can give them some feedback in return. As stated in the Distance Learning guide, I will check in twice a day as best I can but events are moving quickly nationally and locally, so I apologise in advance if I can't address questions etc immediately.

Thank you for your continued support and please take care of yourselves and each other.