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Weekly Spellings

Each week spellings will be posted to this page. In addition, an assignment will be created on Spelling Shed with that weeks spellings for children to practice at home. I will be sending home all of the children's log ins for spelling shed on Tuesday 28th January with the assignment set up. Children will also have access to other spelling games that are appropriate for their level for them to have free access to at home and at school.

I have decided to postpone spellings for the upcoming weeks as the children are already working so hard preparing for their National Test. I will continue to update spelling shed with activities for the children to complete at home but there will not be formal spelling tests in class.

Week Beginning 24/02/2020

  • been
  • find
  • live
  • only
  • many
  • laughed
  • baby
  • work
  • never
  • door

Week beginning 10.02.2020

There will be no spellings over half term due to the additional homework set. Children are still encouraged to engage with the spelling lists I have set on Spelling Shed in their leisure time.

Week beginning 03.02.2020

  • couldn't
  • three
  • head
  • king
  • town
  • around
  • every
  • garden
  • fast
  • many

Week beginning 27.01.2020

  • first
  • that's
  • gave
  • something
  • still
  • found
  • night
  • small
  • like
  • could

Week beginning 20.01.2020

  • more
  • round
  • shouted
  • other
  • through
  • right
  • sea
  • these
  • began
  • animals


Week Beginning 13.01.2020


  • could
  • would
  • should
  • called
  • their
  • didn't
  • wanted
  • again
  • thought
  • magic