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Additional Learning Needs

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community for learners of all abilities and challenges. We recognise that many learners throughout their full time education will experience an occasion when they need support from time to time ‘in addition to, the education provision made generally for pupils’.


The fundamental principles set out in the  Code of Practice underpin this approach, together with guidelines established by the Local Authority. It also incorporates the three key principles set out in the National Curriculum Inclusion Statement:

1.     setting suitable learning challenges;

2.    responding to learners’ diverse needs;

3.    overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of learners.


We are committed to promoting high standards of appropriate achievements and progress for all learners with additional learning needs.


We work with and across the Monmouth Cluster to provide and develop the Additional Learning Needs provision and practice.  Mrs Smith is our ALNCo and will happily provide further information, if required. 


Our Aims:


Ø  Learners with identified additional needs and challenges will be enabled to have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

Ø  To meet the needs of all learners with additional needs, with the support of the Local Authority and outside agencies.

Ø  The views and wishes of learners (where possible) and families / carers will be taken into account when developing provision and practice for additional support, through person centred planning approaches. 

Ø  Learners will be supported to be involved in setting targets within their One Page Profile (OPP) and agreeing the strategies, support, approaches and success criteria to achieve agreed targets.

Ø  Learners will be involved in transition phases, when entering the schools, when transferring between Key Stages.

Ø  The Schools’ assessment, recording and reporting system will be used as part of the identification process of additional learning needs.

Ø  The school will keep informed of best practice when devising intervention, support and provision following the graduated system of ‘School Action’, ‘School Action Plus’ (Monmouthshire ‘School Action Plus Resource Agreement’) and ‘Statement’ set out in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales.

Ø  A ‘cause for concern’ system is in place to support identification of need and any additional support requirements, allowing further monitoring of learner progress. 

Ø  The intervention and provision set out in the OPPs will be reviewed as part of the school assessment cycle.


For further information on additional learning needs, please contact Mrs Smith.