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Fundraising Links

Some websites and services offer funds for the PTA if you shop with them or through them. We have listed the ones we currently have an arrangement with below.


Easyfundraising: This website allows you to raise funds as you do your Christmas Shopping, at no cost to yourself. It really is a no brainer. If everyone at Raglan used this website to shop, we would get all the funds we needed in no time at all. You can download an extension to your browser that reminds you to use easyfundraising every time you shop with a website that is part of their scheme, so it really is no trouble at all. 


Stamptastic: Are you fed up sewing or ironing name labels on everything? This is the solution. A simple stamp that lasts through wash after wash and that can be used on fabrics, plastics, wood etc. It takes a few seconds to do each item and lasts really long. Don't iron it, stamp it. 


My Nametags: Alternatively - My nametags makes stickers you can stick on virtually anything, that can be put inside shoes and that are really durable. They offer the PTA a percentage of their takings too. Use the following code: 22799 


Stikins: Finally - Labelplanet's Stikins offer us 30% commission on any purchase (without it costing more for you). The labels can be stuck on pretty much anything and wash really well. Use the code: 16436.