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Gem Chwarae


Shwmae! Shwmae!


On Tuesday 15th October, the whole school will play our Welsh 'Traffic Lights' game on the yard, as part of celebrating 'Shwmae, shwmae' day.  




Mae Simon yn dwneud... Simon says...


Throughout June, we will be teaching the whole school to play 'Mae Simon yn dwneud...'.


We practised the 'Gem Chwarae' in assembly and have been encouraging everyone to play 'Mae Simon yn dwneud' at break times.


Here are some of the commands you can use...but 'cofiwch'!  Make sure you only do the action if the game leader says, 'Mae Simon yn dwneud...'!


Neidiwch! Jump!


Chwifiwch! Wave!


Stopiwch! Stop!


Rhedwch! Run!


Sefwch! Stand!


Gwnewch grwp o 5! Get into a group of 5!


Sgipiwch! Skip!


Herciwch! Hop!


Canwch! Sing!