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We are always keen for our families to be involved with the learning that takes place in school and you also have an important part to play in extending your child's learning beyond the school day. Below are a few ideas that might prove useful at home. If you would like further information, please speaks to your child's class teacher, visit the plaza pages or take a look at the Welsh Government 'Education Begins At Home' information (found within the 'Useful Links' on the Parents page of the website).

To find out more about the curriculum and what your child is learning please check out our Plaza Pages.

Financial Education At Raglan CiW VC Primary School


Our Whole School Vision is:

‘To be a recognised centre of excellence preparing learners to adapt, flourish and grow in our constantly evolving world.’


Our Financial Education Vision is:

“To be a recognised centre of excellence in Financial Education, preparing our learners to be financial competent young people in our constantly evolving world.”


Within this, we feel that financial education is a vital element of our curriculum as we prepare our learners to be confident, independent individuals. At the heart of our financial education, we hold 3 key principles. These are:

  • Financial capability is an essential skill for our learners, ensuring that they have the ability, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their own finances, now and in the future.
  • Financially informed learners are better able to take control of their own circumstances, improve their quality of life and ensure a stable future for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Financially confident learners will also be better equipped to become critical consumers, who can more effectively manage financial risk and the associated practical, emotional and societal influences that can affect their financial wellbeing.




Donaldson Report


Much of the way our new school has been developed and the changes in focus of the curriculum have been informed by the Donaldson Report, which was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly as an independent review of Curriculum and Assessments in Wales and was published in February 2015. This report is made up of a series of radical and wide ranging proposals that will shape the ways in which we teach and a vision for the future. We have done our best to try and instil as many of these principals in our new school, doing our very best for the children. The full report can be viewed below:

Welsh Government Curriculum Documents

Below you will find the statutory curriculum documents that are issued by Welsh Government. As a school, we use these documents as the starting point for our own curriculum planning. From time to time, these statutory documents are reviewed and amended. At present, we know that some of our current curriculum guidance will soon by replaced by the new Curriculum for Wales documentation, however, at present we are still required to follow the existing guidance.

Other useful curriculum information

For additional information about the curriculum in Wales, please follow the links below: