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11.09 - Homework

Reception have been given a brand new homework book.  This week we would like your child to decorate their new book. The brighter the better :) 

Deadline: Tuesday 17th September

19.09.19 - Homework

This week we would like a photo of you reading somewhere special for our reading corner display board. Mrs Coomer was caught reading by the Gruffulo at the bottom of the garden. Where have you been caught reading?

Deadline: Tuesday 24th September 2019

Homework - 25.09.19

1. As requested please find a link below to the ‘Jolly Phonics Song’ we are learning in school. This will be used

throughout the year to help support the learning of their sounds.


2. Go for a walk in the local woods/park or even through your back garden, look around… How many different colours can you see? What sounds can you hear and what can you smell?

Draw a picture from your walk.

Deadline: Tuesday 1st October 2019


Homework - 03.10.19


1. Create a 'Croeso' poster for Criw Cymraeg, It must be on an A4 piece of paper. This is part of a school competition, the winner will receive a reward. 


2. Complete 2 of the 4 tasks from the 'Goldilocks and the three bears' homework sheet.  (See below)


Deadline: 8th October 2019

Homework - 10.10.19


Practise the sounds following high frequency words 'is, it, in and at'. Write the words below in your homework book in different colours.

Complete the ‘one more’ maths task in your homework book.


Deadline: Tuesday 15th October 2019

Homework - 17.10.19


Practise the sounds and the following high frequency words I, the, a, cat, my

Help us with our autumn display. Head outside and collect autumn leaves to create a leaf animal or wreath. Look at the examples below to help with inspiration. I can’t wait to see your creations.


Deadline: Tuesday 22nd October 2019


Homework - 24th October 2019


Practise the sounds and high frequency words given out during parents evening.

Draw a picture of your family - put them into order from smallest to tallest.

We would like you to make your own instrument with an adult at home. You can use junk modelling, anything that you would like as long as you check with an adult first. 


Deadline: 5.11.19

Homework - 07.11.19


Practise the sounds for the week e,u and r

Go shopping with an adult from home. Buy an item from the shop. You may need help with this. What can you get for less than 20p? Draw the item you brought and how much it cost below.


Deadline: Tuesday 12th November 2019

Children in Need is on Friday 15th November – we are taking part in a Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks. All children should wear their own clothes and bring in a £1 donation. Thank you Kindly.

Practise your sounds for the week, l,f and ss

This week we have been looking at ‘The Little Red Hen’ please complete at least two of the four tasks below.

Deadline: Tuesday 19th November 2019