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This year we have been following the Letters and Sounds scheme of work. The children have responded well to this. I have attached both Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 planning above. 


We have reached Week 7 of Phase 3 Planning. The aim is that Phase 3 is to be completed by the end of the year, we are ahead but recapping and embedding those sounds will help support your child as they head into Year 1. You may wish to see Phase 4 Planning if you feel your child is ready to move on. 


Everyday (for 15-20 minutes) we recap all the sounds taught from both Phase 2 and  Phase 3. A new sound is introduced every other day. Following the planning will help the children complete Phase 3. If your child does not quite get a sound please recap the following day and so on until they're confident. 


Fun ways to teach phonics: 

 - Using their magic finger (index finger) write the sound in the air, on someones back, on the floor etc...

 - write it in a sand or rice tray (if possible)

 - think of words with that sound in and try to sound out the word

 - flashcards

  - Snap


The chn enjoy PhonicsPlay games such as Buried Treasure. At the moment they are updating the website for home learning, therefore it is out of use. Please find the link below for when it is up and running. Click on FREEPLAY for the games. *You do not need to subscribe*