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All children will be sent home with another copy of their Hwb logins this evening. They are free to access any application on there at home at their leisure. Through Hwb the children also have access to Google Classroom where work can be assigned, to be completed digitally, in the event of school closure. Any queries with their logins I am available at the beginning and the end of the school day.

Week Beginning 09/02/2020

We have been learning about measuring weight this week in class. For homework I have asked children to help a family member cook a meal or bake a treat. I would like them to weight the ingredients they are using and make a list of these in their homework books. I would love to see pictures of the children doing their homework this week, though this is not a requirement, but if any are taken please feel free to tweet them to our class twitter page. 


Week beginning 02.03.2020

Children have a sheet in their homework books this week to complete. The homework is based on handling data which we will be looking at in more detail within the coming weeks. 

Week Beginning 27/02/2020

Due to a printer malfunction this afternoon, the past paper homework questions are not ready for children to bring home this evening. I will be sure to get it sorted and get them sent home for homework tomorrow evening. Due to this I will extend the deadline for the homework to Wednesday of next week.

Children's homework this week also includes practicing their poem for the Eisteddfod. Tomorrow afternoon we will be voting for 4 children to represent us in the Eisteddfod Monday. Pob lwc blant!


UPDATE (28.02.2020) 

Homework is being sent out this evening and the return date us Wednesday next week. As a class we have been discussing the importance of showing our workings. Please can you encourage children to do this in their homework, especially if a math question has a large box for the answer, as this is an opportunity to pick up marks. Diolch.

Half Term Homework

From this point forwards, homework each week will consist of practice questions for the National Tests that will take place at the beginning of May. This is so the children can familiarise themselves with the wording and layout so that it is not so daunting when they are faced with them. These will come home each week in the children's homework books. Please ensure that all questions are completed and returned on the Tuesday for marking.

As it is half term I have assigned children an additional piece of homework. Please find the briefing in the document below. 

Have a lovely half term.


Avatar Homework for Half Term

Week beginning 03.02.2020

This week for homework I would like the children to practice their addition and subtraction using the column method. This is something we have been working very hard on in class. Please encourage the children to look carefully at the sign in each question to decide which operation to use. Can this homework please completed in homework books using pencil.


1) 45 + 17 = 

2) 64+35 =

3) 78 - 33 =

4) 98 - 69 =

5) 56 + 38 =

6) 63 - 18 =

7) 47 + 16 = 

8) 22- 21 =

9) 62 - 48 =

10) 367 + 214 = 

Week Beginning 27.01.2020

We have had a fantastic week learning about aeroplanes and how they are able to fly. For homework this week I would like children to write a paragraph about how a plane flies. Please encourage your child to use capital letters and full stops throughout their paragraph as this is a while class target.

Key words I will be looking for; wings, engine, lift, gravity, drag and thrust.

Week beginning 20.01.2020

In preparation for our STEM investigation next week, for homework I would like the children to research (either online or questioning family members) the best method of making a paper aeroplane. Children are to write instructions to make their paper aeroplanes in their homework book and bring in a model of the paper aeroplane.


Can I please remind parents and children that homework is monitored on a Tuesday when it is expected to be completed and if homework has been missed three weeks in a row I will be phoning home to query why. Also can we please ask that homework be completed in pencil, as it is in school, to encourage children to consider their presentation.

Many Thanks