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Happy Snow Day everyone...

I hope you have some fun in the snow but make sure you stay safe!


Have a go at 'Fish' on Hwb, J2E5! 

We looked at it together. Can you remember what to do?

Try to do it on your own.

This may help- 

* Open 'Fish' and save it - Fish1.3.18.

* Paste the address into a new tab and watch the video.

* Use the video to write information about the fish. Remember to use the wordbank (W).

* Play with the puzzle.

*Complete the cycle on the third page.

*Change the font- size, colour. 

*Don't forget to save it!


Good luck and have fun! When you have finished, click on the speech bubble and let me know. 

Email me if you feel like a chat or have any questions.