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General information

  • All planning and any resources will be uploaded to the previous page each Monday. The planning will outline a Literacy, Numeracy and Topic activity to complete daily. I will also upload any resources you may need to complete the tasks.
  • Most Literacy tasks should be completed through Google Classroom. I will set each Literacy task as an assignment that children can easily access. This gives me the ability to remotely comment on children's work to monitor and assist progress.
  • This afternoon (Thursday 19th March) I will be sending children home with a booklet of Math activities. I will try as much as possible to guide you to the activity that links with the days Math target within my planning.
  • As parents, please feel free to contact me through the Google Classroom stream. I will answer any questions you may have. If there is something you do not understand about the planning or any concerns please do not be hesitant to leave a message. I will be checking these twice daily.
  • On the school closure page I will also be uploading information about daily phonics and spelling activities that you will be able to teach at home.
  • Below I have uploaded the 'Raglan Distance Learning Guidebook' which should help you navigate through our distance teaching and learning period.