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Year 4 Homework

Year 4 Homework

Homework activities will be added to Google Classroom on a weekly basis, by a Thursday evening and should be completed by the following Tuesday. 



Every week, we expect the children to read regularly. Ideally, all children will read every day but this does not need to be in the same way each time. Varying the way reading happens can help to keep it interesting.


For all ages of children, it is still valuable to sometimes have a story read to them as they can experience a more proficient reader's use of expression, intonation and pace.


Listening to your child reading is also important, as it provides opportunity to consolidate the reading of familiar words, whilst also decoding new words and sentence structures with adult support.


Discussing reading is essential as this supports the development of the child's comprehension skills, whilst also helping them to start formulating their own opinions about what they read.



Children have access to Spelling Shed from any internet connected device, using their individual log in. Our area of the site has already been preloaded with some of the key spelling patterns for Year 4, as well as access to the First 100 High Frequency words which are key for all children to secure. Please encourage your child to access Spelling Shed a few times a week. Additional assignments will be added, looking at spelling patterns from the children's own written work in school. This is a service that the school has subscribed to, so we would like the children to make the most of the tool by using it at home, as well as in school. Further resources to support spelling can be found at



Example Weekly Homework Activities


Here are some examples of previous homework activities. Feel free to have a go at some of these are share how you get on with Mrs Jenkins or Mrs Smith. 


Race to 500!

We recently played this game in school which, as well as being great fun (even though I lost against the class!!!), was a brilliant opportunity for you to all practise your rounding skills. Play a few rounds against someone at home. Remember, HIGH FIVE...round up!


Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy!


To warm up your measuring skills, here is  a measurement challenge of your own.

Try to measure the items recorded in the table (below). Don't forget; 10mm = 1cm/ 100cm = 1m.

For example: something which is 50cm long, could also be recorded as 0.5m or 1/2 m

Welsh Vocabulary Challenge

Here are some of the common Welsh vocabulary for items of clothing.


Follow this link and it should take you to a version of the Wordwall games we play during our daily Welsh

Make sure you enter your name correctly, before you try to play.

You can play more than once – perhaps try it without looking at the word list!

You could even challenge family members to have a go too.

Then all the results will come through to me.


Word List

crys/ crys t


crys chwys














esgidiau ymarfer

Challenge Cymreig!

Another focus on developing our Welsh vocabulary. 

In this activity we will focus on 'Pets' and 'Days of the Week'.

The first game is a conveyor belt challenge (think the Generation Game for parents of a certain age!). You can find it at this link:


The second challenge is a class favourite, the Balloon Pop game. This can be found at:



Be kind to yourself and others this Christmas

Over the Christmas holidays, it is nice to spend time with friends and family. It is especially important to also show others how thankful you are for them by doing something for them or paying them a compliment.

So, I am setting you a Kindness Challenge for the holiday period. See how many of the challenges you can tick off over the holiday!

I would also hope that you keep up with your regular reading, as well as taking time to rest and that you can come back in January ready to learn many more new skills!