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Year 4 Homework

Year 4 Homework

Homework activities will be added to the website on a weekly basis, usually by a Thursday evening (see the dated posts below) and should be completed by the following Tuesday. 



Every week, we expect the children to read regularly. Ideally, all children will read every day but this does not need to be in the same way each time. Varying the way reading happens can help to keep it interesting.


For all ages of children, it is still valuable to sometimes have a story read to them as they can experience a more proficient reader's use of expression, intonation and pace.


Listening to your child reading is also important, as it provides opportunity to consolidate the reading of familiar words, whilst also decoding new words and sentence structures with adult support.


Discussing reading is essential as this supports the development of the child's comprehension skills, whilst also helping them to start formulating their own opinions about what they read.



You now have access to Spelling Shed from any internet connected device, using your child's individual log in. Our area of the site has already been preloaded with some of the key spelling patterns for Year 4, as well as access to the First 100 High Frequency words which are key for all children to secure. Please encourage your child to access Spelling Shed a few times a week. This is a service that the school has subscribed to, so I would like the children to make the most of the tool by using it at home, as well as in school. Further resources to support spelling can be found at



Weekly Homework Activities


05/09/19 Preparing for the year ahead

Now that we are back in school, there are lots of things for us to do to prepare for the rest of the school year. Here are a few things that will really help.

1. Now that you have received your fresh, crisp, new homework book, let's try to keep it that way! I would like you to cover the outside of your homework book so that it is personal to you and protected. You could use wrapping paper, protective plastic or off-cuts of wallpaper. You can also decorate the front cover but you must include: Your name, Year 4 and Homework clearly on the front cover.


2. We shared the presentation from our partner school in California this week (you can see it again at the link below). We need to send a presentation back to let them know about us. So, I would like you to write down:

- 2 interesting facts we could share about Wales

- 2 interesting facts about Raglan or Monmouthshire

- 2 interesting facts about our class or our school.


If you have chance, you could also log in to spelling shed and complete the 'First 100 High Frequency Words' game on Spelling Shed at few times over the next week. This will help me to see where you are already confident with spelling and where I can help you to improve even more!


Remember - your homework must be completed by next Tuesday - leave your book in the homework box and tick your name on the checklist.

California Partner School presentation

12/09/19 Put pen to paper!

Thank you for all your hard work on the fact finding challenge from last week. As well as our partner school in California, I have also now heard from schools in Canada and France. They are all writing us letters to introduce themselves and to find out more about us.

So that we can reply to the letters when they arrive, I would like you to prepare a first draft of your own letter.

I have given you a template to use to help you OR you can choose to structure your letter in your own way. If you use the template, please make sure it is safely glued or taped into your homework book.


NB for Parents - The penpal communication is all organised through the website, which moderates communication and ensures that all users are from registered schools. We will only be using first names and will not include any personal identifying information i.e. home address, surname,  phone numbers, photographs etc. If you would like any further information, please do get in touch. Mr Bowen

19/09/19 Race to 500!

We recently played this game in school which, as well as being great fun (even though I lost against the class!!!), was a brilliant opportunity for you to all proctise your rounding skills. Play a few rounds against someone at home and, if you win, get a relative to write a note in your homework book so that I can award you 10 dojos! Remember, HIGH FIVE...round up!


26/09/19 Team Sherman or Team Tingle? Which one are you?

Now that we are nearly half way through our class novel, 'The Maker of Monsters' by Lorraine Gregory, we have come to know the main characters very well.

Two of the most important characters in the story are Brat's monster friends. Sherman and Tingle.

Here are some descriptions of both characters from the book:


Tingle: sharp claws, high pitched giggle, furry little cat face, long monkey tail, agile hands, squeaks, tiny sand-papery tongue, leaps, jumps, scrambles, soft tawny fur, black stitches at her shoulders and hips, purring softly, green eyes, pin sized sharp teeth, paws.


Sherman: grumbles, pink flicking tongue, powerful, slow, snuffled, grunted, stubby nose, heavy shell, short lizard legs, huffs, puffs, wide green shell, frilled lizard head, strong sharp beak, determined, strong, thick black stitches at his neck and leg joints.


You need to choose which of the two friendly monsters you prefer from the story.

Then, using the descriptions (above) and your own imagination draw a picture of what you think the character looks like.

Make sure you label the parts of your picture with the matching description.


Want an extra challenge?

Write your own description of your favourite character, to go along with your picture, using some of our skills from this week's monster work; powerful adjectives, interesting verbs, precise nouns and even similes!

The Ultimate STEM Challenge!

We are going to take part in the Ultimate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Challenge, which is a national competition for schools. This year, the challenge is to design a piece of wearable technology. This technology should solve a problem or make daily life better/easier for the user. The first steps in the challenge are in 3 parts:


Part 1: Speak to family and friends to find out about any wearable technology they know about or have themselves. What do they like about it? How does it help them? For example; my smartwatch helps me to locate where I have parked my car, if I am in a big car park or an unfamiliar location, by using GPS.


Part 2: Ask your friends and families about the wearable technology that they might like to have. Do they have any parts of their daily life or job, where some new wearable technology would help them. I have so many things to remember in a single day, I would love some technology I could wear (like a badge or tie clip) which would help me to make a 'to do' list by talking into it, which is then sent straight to my computer.


Part 3: Draw a design for a new piece of wearable technology. Label the different parts and write a few sentences to explain how it works and why it would be helpful in daily life.


If any of our designs win, we will be invited to an all-expenses paid event, called the Hackathon, where experts will try to make your wearable technology for real! Get designing!!!





10/10/19 Ask Dr Lane about the Brain!

On Friday 18th October, I have arranged for Dr Lane, a brain scientist working in Cardiff University, to come and spend the afternoon with us.

She is going to teach us about how the brain works through lots of different games, challenges and investigations; there will even be a chance to get creative and draw on a friend's head! (It will be safe, Parents!!!)

Dr Lane would also like to offer you the chance to ask any brain related questions.

So, you will each have one of these question cards to take home.

Think about 3 questions you would like to ask about the human brain. It could be a 'how?' question, you might ask 'why?' something happens or you may want to ask a 'Is it correct that...?' question.

Then bring your question card into school by Tuesday, to be added to our box of questions for Dr Lane to try to answer.


17/10/19 AND 24/10/19 - Preparing for Enterprise Week

After half term, the whole school will be involved in this year's Enterprise Week. This is when each class make different products, using some start-up budget from Mrs Rowlands, followed by selling them at a pop-up market. Any profits each class make are then used by the class on a project of their choosing.


The theme for this year's Enterprise Week is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and we are focusing on making Christmas themed products. 

We are going to take on the challenge of making papercraft products which people would want to buy for Christmas (decorations or gifts) but could then be recycled when they are finished with.


This TWO WEEK (to include half term) homework project is about coming up with ideas for our products.

1. You need to research the kinds of Christmas papercraft items we could make and then make an example of these yourself.

2. When we have all your papercraft items in school (on the first Tuesday after half term), we will then vote as a class to select which products we will make for sale.

3. REMEMBER - we will need to make lots of the product for sale, so you need to be confident that you could teach others how to make them quickly and to a high standard.

Now, get creative and have fun!


07/11/19 Preparing the Prospectus!

We are making great progress with the preparations for creating our own prospectus film for our school. You have all come up with amazing ideas for the content of the film and many of you have suggested interviewing pupils, teachers and parents to get their views about the school. You have decided that our central message about the school will be that it is 'a place where we love to learn and learn to love' which is also part of our school prayer.

SO, this week's homework is:

To interview a parent or family member to collect their views about the school.

- What do they think is really special about our school?

- What is their favourite experience or memory about our school? Why was this memory special?

- What has been their favourite school event?

-  How would they describe our school using just 3 words?

- Any other comments they have which might encourage other people to visit or join our school.

We will then choose which quotations which might use in our video. You could also ask your interviewee if they might be happy/available to have their comments filmed as part of our final video?!

14/11/19  Enterprise Week!

Now that you all know which teams you are working in and have agreed on the products you are going to make/sell, get thinking about what you need!

Remember, we are aiming to make Christmas decorations and items which can be easily recycled OR stored away after the Christmas period.

Our recycling theme would be even stronger if we are also using materials that would have been otherwise wasted, to make the products in the first place.

So, if you think you might have some materials at home which could be used to make your product, bring them in. OBVIOUSLY....check with someone at home before you do, to make sure they aren't being saved for another purpose already! Any items you bring in, need to be added to your team's resource box.

Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy!

Next week, we will be starting a challenging project; designing and making a 3D wooden structure for a specific purpose (to be revealed next week!)

If our wooden buildings are going to be structurally sound and well finished, we need to make sure that we accurately measure out our materials. We also want to avoid wasting wood by making sure we are cutting it to the correct length.

To warm up your measuring skills, I am setting you a measurement challenge of your own.

Try to measure the items recorded in the table (below). You will have a paper copy of this to take home.

Remember to include the units of measurement with each answer. Don't forget; 10mm = 1cm/ 100cm = 1m.

For example: something which is 50cm long, could also be recorded as 0.5m or 1/2 m

28/11/19 Roots and Wings

I am already starting to think about the Spring Term and what we might learn together. Your ideas for our ‘Monstrous’ theme were amazing and  we explored nearly everything you suggested.

Our whole school theme for the Spring Term is ‘Roots and Wings’ and in Year 4 we are taking the focus of ‘Survivors’.

As part of this, I have chosen to focus on the region of Patagonia, in the southern area of South America. This is a fascinating part of the world with some surprising links to Wales!

Now I need your ideas to help me with my planning.

We will be discussing these together in school but for homework I would like you to start gathering your own ideas and chatting to your family about it too. I will give you a separate sheet to record your ideas (like the example below) BUT PLEASE DON'T GLUE IT IN TO YOUR HOMEWORK BOOK, as I need to have loose paper copies of all your ideas.



5/12/19 Welsh Vocabulary Challenge

This week we have been practising and revising some of the common Welsh vocabulary for items of clothing.

Your homework challenge for this week, is to complete a clothing wordsearch using the list on this page.

Follow this link and it should take you to a version of the Wordwall games we play during our daily Welsh

Make sure you enter your name correctly, before you try to play.

You can play more than once – perhaps try it without looking at the word list!

You could even challenge family members to have a go too.

Then all the results will come through to me.


Word List

crys/ crys t


crys chwys














esgidiau ymarfer

Challenge Cymreig!

This week, by popular demand, we are having another focus on developing our Welsh vocabulary. Year 4 enjoyed our wordsearch challenge so much last week, that the class voted to have another week of Welsh games.

This week, we will focus on 'Pets' and 'Days of the Week'.

The first game is a conveyor belt challenge (think the Generation Game for parents of a certain age!). You can find it at this link:


The second challenge is a class favourite, the Balloon Pop game. This can be found at:


As with last week, you can play the games as many times as you like. It was also good to see some parents featuring on the leaderboard....keep it up everyone!

19/12/19 Be kind to yourself and others this Christmas

Over the Christmas holidays, it is nice to spend time with friends and family. It is especially important to also show others how thankful you are for them by doing something for them or paying them a compliment.

So, I am setting you a Kindness Challenge for the holiday period. See how many of the challenges you can tick off over the holiday!

I would also hope that you keep up with your regular reading, as well as taking time to rest and that you can come back in January ready to learn many more new skills!

09/01/20 Quick Reading Challenge

This week, you will be taking home a short piece of writing about jungle survival. Your challenge is to read the piece of writing as quickly as you can, whilst also making sure that you are understanding what you are reading. You could try timing yourself....can you read it all in less than 2 minutes?

Once you have read the text, there will be some questions to answer. Each question is matched to a canine helper - the different dogs will help you to know the kind of answer you are looking for. Here are the different doggie assistants, so someone at home can help you with the questions.





16/01/20 Who was Sir Kyffin Williams?

This week you were introduced to the famous Welsh artist, Sir Kyffin Williams. You have already had the opportunity to complete some research about his life, in preparation for producing a factfile about him. To help with this project, I would like you to complete some further research into his life. Try to find 4 or 5 new facts about these particular topics:

- His experiences in Patagonia

- His childhood experiences

- His most famous pieces of art

- How he created his artwork (media used, techniques, where he found his ideas etc)

You might find this website helpful:


Remember, if you are researching online make sure an adult knows what you are doing and where you are planning to look. If you see anything you think is inappropriate, tell an adult straight away. Be aware that wikipedia isn't always a reliable source of information as anyone can add or edit the information that is shared there, sometimes deliberately adding incorrect information.


NB - I will be away from school for all of next week, supporting the work of the Education Workforce Council which, in turn, brings significant benefits back to the school. Obviously, consistency for Year 4 is my main priority, so we have secured Mrs Donaldson to teach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is already familiar to the children as she works in our plaza. Thursday and Friday will be with Mrs Jones, again, another familiar face. I have planned every last detail of the week for the children, so it should just be a normal week for them and I know they are going to have a great time. If you need a point of contact, please speak to Mrs Donaldson or Mrs Jones, as they will be able to update me on a daily basis. Many Thanks. Mr Bowen

30/01/20 Take a close look...

Last week, you produced some amazing sketches of Kyffin Williams and your use of pencil and charcoal to add tone was great!

So, I am asking you to practise your sketching skills for homework this week. I would like you to draw an outline of your hand and then look at it closely. Add in the nails, any lines you can see and try to use shading to show the areas of light and dark. You can also do a second sketch of your palm, if you wish. Make sure you add as much detail as you can.

Please use the piece of paper I am sending home, so that we can put these on display around the plaza. If you would like, you can take home some extra paper if you would like to do more sketches.


NB: Parents, some children have recently been telling me that they have been too busy to complete their homework. I appreciate that many of the children have family commitments, clubs and other activities outside school. If your child has had a particularly hectic week and hasn't been able to complete their homework, could I ask that you send in a brief note to confirm this. To help further, I am offering Year 4 my time during a Friday or Monday lunchtime as part of a 'Homework Club' where they will be able to complete their homework during their own free time in school, if they know they won't be able to manage it outside school. Many thanks, Mr Bowen

06/02/20 The Wildlife of Patagonia

This week, we have  visited the Patagonia 150 website, as part of our research into this part of the world.  

I would like you to visit the Wildlife section of the website

Here you will be able to read about armadillos, skunks, whales and many other creatures.

I would like you to create a factfile about some of the creatures that can be found in Patagonia. Your fact file should:

- Be created using Google Docs, J2E5 or Office 365 Word

- Include images of the creatures you are writing about

- Include information about the creatures, in your own words (no copying and pasting chunks of text)

- Be easy for your reader to understand and follow; perhaps use text boxes, bullet points or paragraphs to organise your information

- Be attractive and eye-catching.

I look forward to seeing your projects!


13/02/20 Protecting your online identity

This week, our digital leaders spoke to you all about how to make safe use of the internet, protect your identity and secure your information when working online.

The digital leaders are now setting you a challenge; design your own online avatar which can be used on your password holder.

You can include aspects of your personality: hobbies, interests, favourite colours BUT your avatar shouldn’t look like you. Think of your avatar like a superhero’s secret identity.

You need to create your design in the box on the piece of paper provided.

When you have completed your avatar design, the Digital Leaders will then award you with password holder.




27/02/20 World Book Day Dreams

A week tomorrow is World Book Day, which will have a Roald Dahl theme. There are two pieces of homework linked to this - I know some of you have completed the first already and the results are impressive!


1. Create your own Roald Dahl themed painted pebble and bring it on on World Book Day, or sooner if you have completed it. Remember to add a coat of PVA glue, if you can, as extra protection for your design.


2. We will be creating our own 'Dream Jars' in school, linked to the jars used by the BFG to catch and transport dreams. I would like you to think about the job you would love to do as an adult. Write down what the job would be, why you would like to do it and draw a picture of your adult-self doing that job!

12/03/20 Practise and Pollution!

This week's homework is split into two parts. Practise and Pollution!


Practise: Yesterday I set you all the challenge of being able to participate in next week's Easter Performance rehearsal WITHOUT relying on your script AT ALL! This will mean that, those people with speaking parts, can focus on the expression of their lines and everyone can concentrate on acting to help bring the Easter Story to life.


Pollution: Monmouthshire County Council want to help make our community a healthier, cleaner place for children and they need your help!  They are running a competition for children to design a poster encouraging people to switch off their car engines when waiting near the school, because we know that air quality near schools gets much worse at drop off and pick up times.


The winning design will be made up into metal signs and feature throughout Monmouthshire.  They might be used at leisure centres, recycling sites and other places where people leave their cars idling as well as at schools, so the designs shouldn’t be specific to schools only.


This is an excellent website packed with information about air pollution:

You might also want to include some of these facts in your poster.