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Phonics is part of our daily routine at Raglan Primary School, it helps children learn the fundamental sounds that are vital for reading and writing. Children learn to identify and decode the letters into there sounds. These skills are required when children come across words they are unfamiliar with. Phonics last around 20 minutes every morning before the first session of learning. I have uploaded plans for both  groups. It would  benefit the children if you could continue with these phonics sessions. Children will know what group they are in, (Miss Hodges') group A were on Thursday week 2 and (Mrs Carter's) group B are on Thursday week 7. 

The children love the interactive games too which are compactable with tablets.  Please choose the correct phase they are currently working on.  I have posted links for this below .




In addition, due to the current circumstances Phonics Play is allowing all parents to log in from home and have access to all of the resources and games. To benefit from this, please use the link below and use: username: march20 and password:home.


Game links