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Spring Home Learning


Home Learning

Use the outdoor environment to find sticks as big as dinosaurs! You may have to find out how big dinosaurs were before you start! 

Find materals to help you create your dinosaur sock puppet.

Please can all children bring in a sock, labelled clearly with their name on it, ready to make a dinosaur sock puppet.

Thank You! Have a great weekend 😁

Home Learning - 21.02.19


As part of the Horatia Durant Memorial Prize we will be running a whole school competition. Can you complete a local history project based on an area of interest in Raglan. You can present this project in any way you like. Some suggestions are models, posters, PowerPoint, a piece of writing or artwork. This project needs to be completed and returned by the 11th of March. 


Good luck and enjoy your half term


Miss Griffiths