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Home Learning - 19.09.19

This afternoon we played an awesome game on the field to introduce the Battle of Britain. We will be 'taking to the skies' next week where we will be focusing more on this significant battle and the key events that took place. For homework this week, and to prepare us for the next awesome game, can you research the impact that radar had for our British troops? In particular can you find out:

  • How radar works
  • How it was discovered
  • Who discovered it
  • Were there any other countries who used it other than Britain?


All of this information will help us with our topic for next week. 

Happy researching cool

Miss Lewis 



Home Learning - 25.09.19


This week I introduced a new project called 'Heddlu Bach'. It will be a project that 20 Year 5's will be involved in. 


The Heddlu Bach scheme is a programme delivered jointly with Gwent, it is a fun and interactive volunteering opportunity for school children aged 9 - 11 years old.  The Heddlu Bach supports the force priorities, through participation in both educational and community environments.  The children involved will develop confidence through many enjoyable experiences. 

The children and school who become part of the programme help to tackle local issues, highlighted by the children, in their own community.  This is achieved by assisting the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams, in crime prevention initiatives and taking ownership of the tasks. The Heddlu Bach in Gwent has been developed to sit within the All Wales School Beat programme, with the children having educational lessons on topics such as cybercrime, stranger danger and bullying.  With the hope, we create ethically informed citizens of Wales, through creativeness and learning.  It will build resilience in young people, and it’s enhanced to develop a successful and exciting future for young people through collaboration with communities and the Police.  


·         Some of the previous topics explored by Heddlu Bach have been-


o   Parking outside schools

o   Crime prevention awareness

o   Speeding / speed monitoring

o   Anti-Social behaviour awareness

o   Damage and littering in the community

o   Team building between pupils

o   Intergenerational work with Ffrind I Mi

o   Learning First Aid


 The first part of the process is recruitment onto the scheme, so this week for homework the children have to complete an application form telling us why they think they deserve a place on the project. They have a week in which to do this and then on Wednesday 2nd October we will be conducting interviews with myself, Mrs Rowlands and Peter Walker our local Next Generation Officer. 


I would like to say that I love how enthusiastic you all were about this new project and how keen you were to become involved, so I would like to wish you all the best of luck.


Miss Lewis wink

The link to find out more information about the Heddlu Bach project is below

Home Learning - 03.10.19


This week in Year 5 we have been looking at various Medals of Honor that were awarded to the soldiers of World War 2. We have been looking at their designs in detail in order to create our own service medals out of clay. We have looked at the shape, inscriptions and designs on the front of the medals as well as what they are made out of. It would be lovely for you now to delve a little further and conduct your own research into these medals. 


I would like you to find out:

  • The names of the different medals awarded
  • What they were awarded for
  • What they were made out of
  • Whether the colour of the ribbon represented anything in particular
  • what information was included in the presentation box
  • any other cool facts that you have learnt from conducting your research. Can you wow me?!


This will then help us next week when we choose our final designs and create our own medals and presentation boxes. 



Miss Lewis cool

Home Learning - 10.10.19


This week the children have been practicing different methods of subtraction. We have used the expanded method of subtraction, column subtraction and also the 'frog method' using the numberline to jump up from tthe smallest number to the largest number to find an answer. They will be coming home this week with various maths challenges that I would like them to complete using the method of their choice, the one that they feel most comfortable using. 


Good Luck and enjoy  enlightened 

Miss Lewis

Home Learning - 17.10.19


This week each class has been asked to take part in a Christmas card competition in support of St Cadoc's Church. The Christmas card can be a design of your choice with a religious theme. There is no other spec, so you are free to be as creative as you like. 


I look forawrd to seeing your final designs.


Miss Lewis smiley

Home Learning - 06.12.19


Our turn at promoting Ein Cegin Fach is swiftly upon on us and we are going to be basing it around a Christmas theme with a German element where possible. For homework this week could you research Christmas recipes that we could use to make and sell in the kitchen. I am looking for Christmas bakes, drinks, hot food and treats that would be easy and relatively cheap for us to make. Could you also look for traditional German recipes that might be appropraite for us to make? 


Happy researching 

I look forward to seeing what tasty treats you can find

Miss Lewis laugh

Home Learning - 12.12.19


We are well under way with preparations for our Ein Cegin Fach event on Wednesday and thank you so much for the recipes you researched last week for homework. We are going to hopefully make a few of the recipes that were most popular. This week for homework could you research and make an easy Christmas table centre peice for the tables next week. This doesnt have to be expensive to make as long as it has a Christmas theme. Pinterest is a super website to look for fantastic creative ideas. 


Im looking forward to see your decorations

Miss Lewis enlightened

Home Learning - 24.01.20

This half term in Topic we are still focusing on World War 2, but looking closely at the effects it had back home for those that were left behind. We are looking in particular at the roles that men and women took on at home, such as joining the Home Guards and the Women's Land Army. We will also be looking at the Dig for Victory campaign and having a go at growing our own vegetables and keeping our own school allotment, and finally we will be researching more about evacuees and their experiences during the war. 


On Monday (27.01.20) we have a visitior in to talk about her experiences as an evacuee. Could you think about some questions that you would like to ask her, or think about something that maybe you would like to find out a little bit more about?


Also over the next 3 weeks can you research and organise a presentation to the rest of the class about either the role of the civilian men during the war or the role of the women. You could focus on a particular aspect of their role or you could research and talk about the many different roles that they did. Just focus on either the men or the women. You can present in whichever way you feel most compfortable; you could stand and just talk, you could present using PowerPoint or Sway or you could do something using HWB. The presentations will be on the 10th of February. 


Good luck 

Miss Lewis cool


Home Learning over the half term


This half term can you focus on your Eisteddfod entries. The theme this year is 'Mountains and Seas'.

Year 5 will be doing:

  • A Welsh song - Sospan Fach. The children can learn the words and practice singing this over the half term.
  • Handwriting entry which we will complete in school
  • A piece of creative writing based around the theme of 'Mountains and Seas' which we have already complete in school
  • A piece of artwork which we will complete in school, again based around the theme of 'Mountains and Seas' we will be using the artwork of Welsh artist Rhiannon Jones as inspiration
  • a DT project of model making based around the theme 'Mountains and Seas' which will need to be completed at home and brought into school by March 2nd. The model must be no bigger than 750mm x 750mm x 750mm and weigh less than 10kg.
  • A photograph entry again based around the above theme. The photograph must be done at home and printed at home and must be 7” x 5” or 8” by 6”. Unmounted – black and white, or colour
  • Musicians can you also practoce the pieces that you wish to put forward for judging at the Eisteddfod


As well as this the children have been asked to design an avatar character on the computer using avatar creator. This must then be handed into Mrs Coomer our ICT coordinator. 


Finally enjoy your half term everyone, hope to see you all in a weeks time safe and sound. 

Miss Lewis wink



Home Learning - 12.03.20


This week for homework I would like us to take part in the anti-idling campaign competition that would help promote the work of the JRSOs and Heddlu Bach in our school. The initiative is to help improve the air quality in Monmouthshire.


To enter the competition you must design a poster encouraging people to switch off their engines when waiting near the school. The winning design will be made up into a metal sign and feature throughout Monmouthsire. They will be used at leisure centres, recycling centres and other places where people leave their cars idle , so don't just make your poster specific to school. 


Enjoy and good luck

Miss Lewis yes