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Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Homework

Homework activities will be added to the website on a weekly basis, usually by a Thursday evening (see the dated posts below).

The Homework Book may be covered and personalised.

Please complete and send the book back into school by the following Tuesday.

You may wish to put it in a book bag to help prevent damage.



It is hugely beneficial for children to read regularly. Varying the way reading happens can help to keep it interesting. For all ages of children, it is valuable to  have a story read to them as well as you spending time listening to your child read regularly.


Discussing the books content is an essential part of reading as this supports the development of the child's comprehension skills, whilst also helping them to start formulating their own opinions about what they read.



Please continue to regularly rehearse reading and writing the High Frequency Word list, which shows the key vocabulary that they need to practise. Further resources to support this can be found at