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Home School Blended Learning Planner

Last Week of Term...of Primary School!




From the 29th June, school is reopening!  We have created a new planner to reflect the new, five day cycle of coming to school and home learning.


CONTACT DAY = your day in school

FOLLOW UP TASKS are to be done on the day after you have been at school

HOME LEARNING are to be done on the following 3 days after that.


I am expecting you to complete all of the Follow-Up Tasks and also all of the tasks set for each day's Home Learning.  This is super important in preparing you for the next academic year in September, especially for Year 6.


Any problems with understanding anything or accessing anything, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Edwards via or using the Google Classroom chat strem.




Mrs E. laugh


Home School Blended Learning Planner 1(wc 29th June 2020)