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Spring Week 2 17.01.19

We have started looking at the Indus Valley Civilsation and exploring how they lived. 

Follow the link above and think about these questions:


Can you tell us a new fact that you have learnt about the Indus Valley and the people who lived there? 


Would you have liked to be a child growing up in the Indus Valley? Why/ Why not? 


Can you design your own Indus writing symbols and tag? 


Anything else you would like to share? 


Indus Valley Script

The children have really enjoyed exploring and looking for right angles in the world around us. First, we made a right angle checker and then we looked around our school to see if we could find right angles. We found more right angles on man-made objects than we did in nature.


The children were keen to continue exploring at home. Who can spot the most unusal right angle?