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Home Learning - 18th November 2021


This week we have been looking at writing a list. I would like you to write, markmake or draw a list of items you may need to pack in your suitcase if you were asked to help Santa in the north pole for a day. Think about the climate, what would you need to wear? What shoes do you need? Can you think of an item you can take with you that may help keep you warm? Write, markmake or draw at least 2 items.

Head to your local shop and buy something for 5p,10p or 20p. Some of you maybe able to find different ways to make 5p.

Good luck with your homework this week.


Deadline: 23rd November 2021

Home learning - 15th October 2021


This week we have completed a big write, our stories were inspired by the story of the Three Little Pigs. We would like you to write (one sentence), draw and/or talk through your story to someone at home.

Please find attached an alphabet strip and number line to support learning at home – you can keep this.


Deadline: Tuesday 19th October 2021

Homelearning - 30th September 2021


Create a 'Croeso' poster for Criw Cymraeg. It must be on an A4 piece of paper. This is part of a class competition, the winner will receive a reward.

Complete The Three Little Pigs task (found in home learning books)


Deadline: Tuesday 5th October

Home learning - 23rd September 

Over the past few weeks we have been perfecting our name.  Your task this week is to decorate this page by writing your name (first name and/or second name) in as many different colours and sizes as you can!

I would like to encourage you to look out for numbers on your travels over the weekend. (They maybe on street signs, in shops, on the road etc…)

Deadline: Tuesday 28th September

Home learning - 16th September

Go for a walk in the local woods/park or even through your back garden, look around… How many different colours can you see? What sounds can you hear and what can you smell?

Draw a picture below from your walk

 Deadline: Tuesday 21st September

Home learning: 

This week we would like you to decorate your home learning book. The brighter the better, be as creative as you like!!

We are also going to start learning the jolly phonics song, to get a head start please follow the link below:

Deadline: Tuesday 14th September 2021