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January 2019 


In Year 3 this week we have been busy exploring what a right angle is. We made right angle checkers and took them exploring to find right angles in the world around us. Perhaps you can make another checker at home and explore some more? 


We have been doubling two and three digit numbers.

We used partitioning to double.

      43                              134

   40    3                     100    30     4

  80       6                  200     60      8

        86                           268


We now know that measuring weight accurately is very important.

We made shakers using the ingredients instructed. However... some shakers were heavier than others, and some were much lighter.

The class shaker weighted 123grams.


We collected the data and used a database to show the results.

September 2017

We are getting so much more confident now with our number facts/bonds making 10, 20 and 100. We used 10 squares to make shapes that we could calculate the perimeter. This involved using measurement as well, we have been busy!


The children have enjoyed increasing their understanding of PV (place value). We have played games, zoomed up the units column, trickled down the tens and danced up the hundreds. The PV boards help us to understand numbers and the placement of the digits.

Crooked Rule and Ladders are two games that have helped us make it more enjoyable.

Venn Diagrams- We have generated numbers and put them on a Venn Diagram. We also sorted odd and even two and three digit numbers and multiples of 2 and 5. 


Addition on using partition      

 34 +25 = 50 + 9

          = 59

 234 + 145 = 300



              =  379


October 2017

Written subtraction calculations  using a number line to support mental calculations-

count on and back in 10s and 1s to support our mental calculations.