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Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Homework

Homework activities will be added to the website on a weekly basis, usually by a Thursday evening (see the dated posts below).

The Homework Book may be covered and personalised.

Please complete and send the book back into school by the following Tuesday.

You may wish to put it in a book bag to help prevent damage.



It is hugely beneficial for the children to read regularly. Varying the way reading happens can help to keep it interesting.


For all ages of children, it is still valuable to sometimes have a story read to them as they can experience a more proficient reader's use of expression, intonation and pace.


Listening to your child reading is also important, as it provides opportunity to consolidate the reading of familiar words, whilst also decoding new words and sentence structures with adult support.


Discussing the books content is an essential part of reading as this supports the development of the child's comprehension skills, whilst also helping them to start formulating their own opinions about what they read.



You should have now received your child's personalised High Frequency Word list, which shows the key vocabulary that they need to practise. At the same time, it can be useful to check in with some of the other words on the list of HfWs to consolidate and rehearse these spellings too. Further resources to support this can be found at

Home Learning-5th July 2018


Please rehearse quick recall of the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. Ask others to quiz you or play a bingo game with the multiples like we have been doing in class. This will really help you as you prepare to move into Year 4. If you are confident with these tables already, double the 3s to make the 6 times table, double the 4s to make the 8 times table and rehearse quick recall of these too. 


Next week we will sending books home from the past year as well as any we have remaining from Year 2. It would be very useful if you could bring a bag with you next week to help you to carry them home. 


Have a good weekend all!!

Home Learning-28th June 2018

Homework - Friday 22nd June - Cairns. Complete the homework task and have a go at making your own cairn at home. Bring in a photograph of your cairn.

Homework 15/06/18 - DT Volcano Project

Healthy Week Challenge - 11th June - 15th June



Healthy Schools Week Challenge


Choose a challenge and complete the tracker during the week June 11th - 15th. Make a healthy choice or change. 



Angle Challenge - Thursday 7th June 


We have been busy exploring the school environment, inside and outside this week, looking at different angles. 90°, acute angles and obtuse angles. Why don't you make a right angle checker at home and see if you can find some more? We look forward to hearing about your what you can find!

Home Learning-Summer Term 3.05.18-Calculating Change Please select and print the sheet below for your child's group. If they want to challenge themselves or need to rehearse calculating change they can complete a different sheet than the one suggested for their group. Red-Change from £1, Orange-Change from £2, Green-Change from £10 Thank you! 

Home Learning Summer Term 2018


18.05.18 - Decorated Rocks


Please could all children bring a decorated rock (which they are happy to give to our Raglan Rocks project. We will be sending our rocks out into the big, wide world and tracking them and mapping them to see where they end up! All rocks to be in school by Friday 25th May please! Thank you. Please also keep rehearsing your 2 and 3 times tables. :-)


3.05.18-Calculating Change

Please see above!



26.04.18-Reading Comprehension

Thank you for the rock characters. They are super and so imaginative! If you haven't made yours yet there's still plenty of time. 


This week we are going to give the children paper copies of their home learning. They will each bring home a comprehension task which can be completed and stuck into their purple books. Thank you.


19.04.18-Make your own rock character

We have started our new topic "The World Beneath my Feet" this week and within our Science lessons we are going to be investigating rocks and The Rock Cycle. Find a pebble sized rock and create a could paint your rock, add hair if you wish...whatever you like! Remember to give your rock character a name. 


There are exciting things in store for your rock this space! smiley