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In May Year 2 will be taking The National Reading Test and The National Numeracy Tests. If you would like to see and download the sample materials for these tests the links below will take you to the Learning Wales website. 







Year 2 Home Learning - 7th Dec 17

Year 2 - Home Learning 1/12/17

Year 2 - Homework 23.11.17

Year 2 - Homework 16.11.17

Year 2 Homework -09/11/17

This week in maths we have been learning to measure using centimetres and metres and we have been conducting various investigations using our body parts to practise these skills. This week for homework the children can complete the body fact or fiction statements on members of their family using a tape measure or ruler to measure accurately.

 We have been learning about what makes a balanced and healthy meal and so this weekend could you keep a track of the food that you eat on a particular day. What types of food in particular have you eaten? You can use the food journal as an example, you can create your own journal or you can design your plate of food. 


Have fun!!

Miss Lewis 

Food journal example