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This week the children have had their new Homework Books. They are currently very plain and boring and not very unique to them, so I would like them to take some time to decorate the front cover, so that these books become more personal to them. I am looking forward to seeing the different designs that they come up with. 


Have fun! smiley

Miss Lewis 

Home Learning - 13.09.18


This week we have been learning all about the parts of our body. We have been looking at the difference between intenal and external parts of the body and we have been reseraching the functions of some of our body parts. For homework this week I would like you to find me 5 cool facts about the human body that you think will really impress me!



Miss Lewis frown

Home Learning - 20.09.18


This week we have been investigating exactly what we can do with our bodies. We have investigated the question 'Do children with the longest legs have the longest jump?' So far we have measured the length of eachothers legs and we have completed our jumps in our groups. Tomorrow we will be findng out the answer. 

This week, for home learning, I would like you to see who can jump the furthest in your family. Measure using metres and centimetres and record your results in a table. 


Have fun!

Miss Lewis no




Home Learning - 28.09.18


This week we have been celebrating Harvest and have been lucky enough to taste different fruits and vegetables within our lessons. We have used adjectives to describe how they taste, feel, look, and smell. We have also learnt the 'Cauliflowers Fluffy' song and discussed the different adjectives that they have used. 


This week can you rewrite the first verse of the song adding your own adjectives to describe the fruit and vegetables.



Miss Lewis frown

Home Learning - 04.10.18


This week in Year 2 we have been focusing on how we are the same and how we are different. We have completed a timeline of how we change through the years from babies to elderly. We have also looked at how our appearances are different in our class, and we collected data on hair colour and eye colour in order to construct a pictogram to display our results. 


This week for home learning I would like you to think about how you are the same and how you are different to somebody in your family. What do you notice?


I am looking forward to seeing what you found out.

Miss Lewis surprise

Home learning - 11.10.18


This week we have been focusing on instructional writing for our non-fiction genre. We are still using the story of The Three Little Pigs and next week we will be writing a set of instructions on how to trap the wolf. We have been learning all about what makes a super set of instructions and we now know all the key features that we will need to include in our writing.

Can you show me the key features that you know by writing me your own set of instructions telling me how to play a game of your choice. 


I look forward to reading them 

Miss Lewis smiley

Home Learning - 18.10.18


This week we have been focusing on how we can keep our bodies healthy. We have looked at the effect exercise has on our heart rates, we have investigated the different types of food, and we have completed our own healthy food pyramid. We are now healthy food experts!

This week for home learning can you keep a food diary to show how healthy you can be? You need to make a list of the different types of foods that you eat and when, and you also need to make a note of any exercise activities that you take part in.


Enjoy eating healthy!

Miss Lewis heart


Home Learning 08.11.18

Painted Rock Poppies


Paint a Rock Poppy for Remembrance Day.

Place it somewhere in Raglan, Monmouth or

Abergavenny near the war memorial.

After the 11th November, it can be re-hidden for someone else to find.

You may wish to add 100 Years or

Lest We Forget

Home Learning - 06.12.18


As many of you have told me that you have started tucking into your Advent calenders I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for you to research more about Advent. Can you find out more about this important period and why we celebrate it?


I look forward to hearing what you have found out.


Miss Lewis indecision