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Where's Wally Reading?

Today is officially World Book Day but the snow is stopping us from enjoying it in school, so I'm setting you a challenge!


Take a photograph of you in your Where's Wally outfit or your winter weather gear, reading one of your favourite books in your favourite or an unusual place. Make sure you tell us what the book is and why you like it, so that others can read it too if they are interested.


You can add the photograph to your Hwb files, email it into school or print it out and bring it in when we are back in school.


Wally Bowen is reading in the garden on his snowy bench. He is reading the Ladybird Classics version of Dracula by Bram Stoker. He enjoyed reading this as a child because it was full of scares and great illustrations.


Year 3 enjoying the sunshine, looking for birds!

Year 3 enjoying the sunshine, looking for birds! 1
Year 3 enjoying the sunshine, looking for birds! 2
Year 3 enjoying the sunshine, looking for birds! 3


DT- ROMAN ROADS          25.1.18

Today we made our Roman roads. We layered the materials to show how they were made. We estimated and measured the weights of the materials, sand, soil and stones. We are also using our instructional writing skills to explain how to make them.

The Big ROMAN Road Build 25.01.18

Autumn -Let the Journey Begin...

We will be exploring life in Wales during Roman times, learning how to become good global citizens and finding out how to care for your environment.


For more information, visit our Curriculum Newsletter page (below)


Plaza Life!

Year 4 are enjoying Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo as our shared novel at the moment. Let us know which book you would recommend us to read next!