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22nd December 2017


As from next term, children in Years 5 & 6 will be allowed to bring a pencil case to school.  This reflects their increasing independence and responsibility, as well as getting them used to having the correct equipment in school when they move on to secondary school.


It is not compulsory and we will continue to have a comprehensive range of stationery available to all pupils.  Pupils are to take full responsibility for their pencil cases - the contents and whereabouts (!) - at all times.  Equally, pupils are not expected to use someone else's equipment, unless they have been given permission to do so.


Ideally, the pencil case should contain: a handwriting pen (blue ink only please, no biros); two or three good pencils; an eraser; a pencil sharpener; and, a ruler.  If children wish to include a highlighter or a selection of colouring pens/pencils, they may do so.


Thank you.

Fantastic Poem Writing by Alfred Year 5

You gleeking, fat-kidneyed pumpion! (Have fun!!)

King Henry VII & Monmouth Comprehensive Open Evening Information Leaflets

Topic News - look out for articles (web, newspaper, magazine) which relate to our learning!

Topic News - look out for articles (web, newspaper, magazine) which relate to our learning! 1 Bring in your news cuttings!



We do P.E. on Wednesdays and Fridays.


We believe physical exercise is very important for all children and politely request that ALL children have their P.E. Kit in school, including suitable footwear.


This term we will be playing hockey and working on aerobic fitness, in addition to the Daily 10 run.


Thank you.


Our Wonderful Class Reader

Our Wonderful Class Reader  1

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Use this video to help you practise your 3 times table :)

Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover the summer hit, Cheerleader by OMI, in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your six times table! Have fun learning the 6's while singing along to your favorite song! Download this song at Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Aaron Santoro, Mike Vadas, and Daniel Roberts.

Nine Times Table Song (90's Song Mashup)

Mr. DeMaio and friends sing the 9x table song over some of the biggest hits from the 90's. Learn your nine times multiplication facts while jamming out to some of your favorite songs! Download this song at Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Aaron Santoro, Mike Vadas, Jon Van Orden, and Daniel Roberts.


7th September 2017 



Welcome to the Plaza 3 home page.


We are delighted to welcome the children back to school and have already had a lovely couple of days.  The children have spent the first few days familiarising themselves with the routines for the plaza and thinking about what they want to achieve this term.  


They have also created a Plaza Charter, which sets out their commitments to ensuring that Plaza 3 continues to be a special place to learn at Raglan School.  A copy of the charter will be posted on home page in the next few days.


We have also introduced/re-introduced the children to Daily 10 - 10 minutes of running to improve their wellbeing.  This was a huge success last year, demonstrated by the fantastic efforts in long distance running on Sports Day.  The children have currently selected to be in either Tortoise Group (beginners), Fox Group (steady) or Cheetah Group (speedy!), and we know that we will see great progress over the next few weeks.


This year, we will update the Plaza 3 home page on a Thursday after school, to keep you 'in the loop' with learning and events.


We are both looking forward to a busy, fun term with the children.  Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns...we will do our utmost to get back to you as soon as we can.


Many thanks,


Mrs Edwards & Mrs Merrett smiley