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Snow Day Activities

Year 4 Snow Day Activities


I'm sure everyone has been having great fun in the snow, if you do have any photographs of your snowmen then upload them to Hwb and share them with the rest of Year 4!


If you (or your parents) are looking for something else for you to do with your time, I have added a few activities below.


These questions are taken from what would have been today's Maths lesson - we have used 'greater than/ less than symbols' earlier in the year, so give it a go!


Design a Christmas card for Mr Bowen


We would have been practising our photographic editing skills today, so I have come up with an activity that will still give you the opportunity to try out these skills at home.

I have uploaded two photographs into Hwb as shared files, one of my garden and one of my Christmas tree. I would like you to try creating a Christmas card using one or both of my images. You will need to open up J2E, then open a new document in J2E digital paper (the red icon). Then add a picture and make sure you are looking in the shared files (purple people icon).


The skills you could use are:

- Adding a message to the picture, like 'Merry Christmas', using an appropriate font and colour

- Add some photographic effects, like the 'sparkle' effect to add an extra shine to the star on top of my Christmas tree

- You could even try to turn it into an interactive digital Christmas card by adding some of the 'animate' effects to your text - you could make it flash, spin, or appear/disappear.

I look forward to seeing the results!!

Snow Investigation

I know that you are all becoming brilliant scientists, so now you have a chance to use your skills on your own!

Have a go at the Snow investigation below. It is all about collecting some snow samples and then comparing how quickly they melt in different locations - just like our coloured water investigation last week. I have added the PowerPoint presentation and record sheet at the bottom of the page.