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Raglan Church in Wales Voluntary Controlled Primary School is a school, held in Trust and is vested in the Diocese of Monmouth, and maintained by Monmouthshire County Council. The buildings and the land are the vested property of the Diocese of Monmouth held in Trust, and as such for the purposes of matters relating to the building, or to the land outside of school hours the Diocese of Monmouth is the overriding authority.


The Governing Body of Raglan CiW VC Primary School regards the school buildings and grounds as a community asset and will make every reasonable effort to enable them to be used as much as possible. However, the overriding aim of the Governing Body is to support the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils, and any lettings of the premises to outside organisations will be considered with this in mind.


The School’s delegated budget (which is provided for the education of its pupils) will not be used to subsidise any lettings by community or commercial organisations. A charge will be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the School in respect of any lettings of the premises. As a minimum, the actual cost to the School of any use of the premises by an outside organisation must be reimbursed to the School’s budget.

To make a booking or to make any further enquiries about our facilities, please use the contact form (below).

When making an enquiry, please include the following information: - Number of people attending - Preferred dates - Time and duration of the letting - Thank you.