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Brawddeg y Mis

This page will help you learn the 'Brawddeg y Mis' (Phrase of the month).  Use the phrase as often as you can to help you learn it...and get Siarad Cymraeg Dojo points!


Pob lwc! 

Mehefin (June)


Oes anifail anwes 'da ti?

Do you have any pets?


Nagoes, does dim anifail anwes.

No, I don't have any pets.





Oes! Mae dau cath 'da fi!

Yes! I have two cats!!


Nawr! Siarad Cymraeg!!





Use this list of words to help you talk about pets, in Welsh:


Llygoden = Mouse

Ci = Dog

Cath = Cat

Bydji = Budgie

Cwningen = Rabbit

Pysgodyn aur = Goldfish

Caneri = Canary

Mochyn gini = Guinea pig

Ceffyl = Horse

Crwban = Tortoise