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June 2019


All spelling groups should now practise the Year 5/6 statutory spelling words on Spelling Shed.  I have made this available to you until 2nd September!


Take advantage!! yes


Spellings week commencing 25th March 2019


I have given each group new spellings on Spelling Shed to practise this week.  Please encourage your child to visit the website daily and practise their set of spellings for 10 minutes.


Thank you!


w/c 18th March 2019


Please continue to practise your homophone spellings on Spelling Shed this week.






w/c 11th March 2019


New spellings have been added for each group on Spelling Shed.  The focus is homophones or near homophones.  Practise your spellings DAILY making sure that you look up the meaning of any unknown words in a dictionary.


You will be tested on your spellings on Friday.  The lists are live now and will be available until next Sunday.


Happy Spelling! surprise


HALF TERM Spellings Spring Term 2019


From 18th February until 8th March, I would like pupils to practise the following spellings on Spelling Shed:


Blorenge - Stages 1 & 2

Skirrid - Stages 3 & 4

Sugarloaf - Stages 5 & 6


Thank you.

8th January 2019


Spelling Update


I have reset ALL passwords for Year 6 children on Spelling Shed, which I will issue tomorrow, in an effort to get everyone 'back on line'.  I'm assured that the site should now work for all pupils!


I am hoping to give pupils an opportunity to practise their spellings in the morning as part of their Early Work, however, daily practise at home is still highly recommended!  All pupils will have their spelling tests on FRIDAYS this term.


This week, all pupils will be tested on their 'Week 4' spellings.


Incidentally, I have signed up to a two week trial for Maths Shed, which all pupils are aware of.  It would be great to see all pupils having a go at this over the next fortnight.  I will then take feedback from the children regarding the success of the trial.  Please encourage your children to visit the Maths Shed (via Spelling Shed) for 10 minutes each day.


Many thanks,


Mrs E