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Reception 2018-2019

This week i would like you to take photos of your daily routine

e.g getting up, having breakfast, brushing your teeth etc.  Photos can be emailed to me @Raglan primary.

We plan to use these next week in our maths jobs.

Many thanks, have a lovely weekend, Mrs Walsh

As our Eisteddfod is approaching, this week i would like you to start practicing our poem.  I have attached it as a link below for you to listen to.


You could also start your home Eiteddfod art entry based around the theme "hustle and bustle"

I cant wait to hear all of your beautiful voices next week. 

Have a lovely weekend and dont forget we will be joined by some animal visitors on Monday!

Mrs Walsh

This week i would like you to play some interactive games

With an adult access

Choose free resources, children, interactive games, planet on pluto, phase 2.  Help Bob and Obb to sort their words.

Have a lovely weekend!

Please find our reception spring plans attached below

Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning all about habitats- in the childrens words " an animals home".  I would like them to make a animals habitat of their choice.  Be imaginative as you wish but please no bigger than a small cardboard box.  The children will be showing their makes and describing them to the rest of the class on Tuesday.


Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Walsh


And in the blink of an eye...............our first term is done!

Merry Christmas Reception! 

Have a lovely Christmas, enjoy time with your families, play lots of games and enjoy lots of lovely treats.  Dont forget to sprinkle your reindeer food on Christmas eve and go to bed like the good boys and girls I know you all are.

Thank you Mums and Dads for you kind presents, it really is very much aprreciated!

See you in the new year!

Mrs Walsh and Miss Brocklehurst

Home learning 7th December


This week you have all worked really hard.  This weekend I would like you to........

  • have a good rest

  • have fun with your family

  • watch a Christmas film

  • come to school on Monday morning with a huge smile ready for a very busy week, your FIRST school nativity!

Enjoy! Mrs Walsh x

Home learning 15th November


 This week i would like you to order and match your numbers in your home learning books. Have a lovely weekend!

Home learning 9/11/18


This week i would like you to take a photo of your house and bring it to school for Tuesday, we will be discussing what kind of house it is and linking it to our creative arts project. 

You all have at least one sound in your sound and letters book to practise, what words can you make with the sounds you know?  Ask Mummy or Daddy to help you make some words together, do any rhyme?

Have a lovely weekend Reception, you have made me very proud this week- what superstars you all are!

Mrs Walsh

Home learning- 26.10.18

 Happy half term!  Have a lovely break, read your reading books, practise your HFW's and any phonic jobs that you havent completed.  Enjoy the sunshine and having fun with your families.  I look forward to seeing you on Monday 5th for a very exciting half term.

Mrs Walsh

Home learning- 18/10/2018

This week i would like you to make me a picture frame from natural materials to fit your face.

Have fun exploring!

Mrs Walsh

Homelearning- 04/10/2018


Your home learning this week is to practise wrting your name.  This can be done in your book, outside using chalk or in any way you want to.  Remember your letter formations that we have practiced and if you can do your first name, have a go at your surname too.

Have a lovely weekend!

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