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Victorian Day - 17th January

Visit by The History Squad


A selection of photos from our immersion day smiley


























Festive merriment in the plaza (or torture!) as pupils painted each other's feet to create our Christmas Calendars!!










Recycling paper, to help save the environment, after painting our Christmas calendars!!




The Weather Crew - Hannah, Tilly, George and Sam - set up a Weather Station today to collect data about rainfall, temperature and humidity over the next month.  As part of our climate change study, we will then compare this data - using averages - with previous years, to assess the impact of climate change in Raglan!






This week we welcomed two new members of Plaza 3 - Can't Yeti & Not Yeti.  These two adorable yetis have come to Plaza 3 to encourage the pupils to keep going and keep trying when they find something difficult!




Can't Yeti & Not Yeti enjoying some poetry and The Phantom Tollbooth!





Continuing from the fabulous drama Plaza 3 enjoyed on Friday, the children briefly rehearsed and performed the famous speech from Henry V, 'Once more unto the breach...'.  The children experimented with the iambic pentameter in their warm up activities and followed this up in their writing, later on in the week.  Using our stage and lighting, the children then performed a short interpretation of this scene.


Links to the videos we watched for inspiration are posted in the Excellent English section.


Homework books were given out today, so look out for them in your child's bag.  Children may cover them using wrapping paper, suitable printed pictures or just clear plastic.  No doodling or stickers please.  


Remember to bring in Home Readers to change them tomorrow, before the weekend, if you haven't already done so.


Parents' Evening slips will be sent home tomorrow, Friday.  


Mrs M. and Mrs E. smileysmiley


Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre)

Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 1 The Weird Sisters
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 2 Macbeth.
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 3 The Weird Sisters
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 4 Banquo
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 5 Macbeth after the deed is done.
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 6 Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, after the murder.
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 7 Something wicked this way comes....
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 8 Double, double.....
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 9 Birnam Forest marching on Macbeth's castle.
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 10
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 11
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 12
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 13
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 14
Macbeth @ Puzzlewood Theatre - 6th October 2017 (Butterfly Theatre) 15




All children have now selected books to read at home. We would be most grateful if you could spend a short time either reading with your child, listening to them read, or discussing the book on a daily basis.  Please could the book be returned as soon as they have finished reading it, so that they are able to choose a new book.


In Science we have been studying the Water Cycle with a particular focus on evaporation and condensation.  Some of the children are struggling to grasp the concept and it would be really useful if you could discuss everyday examples of each process as you see them occurring e.g. what happens when water is heated (liquid --> gas, because the particles have energy); what happens when water (as a gas) is cooled (gas --> liquid, because the particles are losing energy).   We have put a  couple of videos in the Science section to help smiley


Please could you ensure that PE Kit is back in school on a Monday - thank you!


Reminder about our forthcoming trip to Puzzlewood...keep an eye on the weather and remember to wear layers, waterproof trousers (if you have them) and bring wellies!  Unfortunately, Mrs Merrett is not able to come with us, but another teacher will be accompanying us.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs E and Mrs M






Just a brief reminder that the Year 6 Residential Trip meeting is on Monday, 25th September, at 3.40pm.  If you are unable to make it, please don't worry as information will be sent hom with your child on Tuesday.


Puzzlewood Trip to see Macbeth - we have a number of outstanding permission slips.  Please ensure these are returned ASAP.  It will be absolutely captivating and we don't want any child to miss out.  Many thanks.




This week, the children have written their own duologue between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they plot King Duncan's demise.  Using a Shakespearean Insult Generator, everyone enjoyed flinging insults at each other and then including one in their play script writing.  We have put a copy on the website for you to enjoy at home!!  


Mrs Edwards assumed the role of Macbeth, complete with thick, Scottish accent but minus the beard (!), taking questions from the children to develop understanding of the character.  This was then developed by writing a detailed character description for either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth.  




Moving on in place value, the children have explored 1-place, 2-place and 3-place decimals (partitioning and ordering) together with reasoning.  Please continue to practise times tables with your children.




Much discussion took place on scientific processes and states of matter.  We explored the causes of solids changing to liquids for example and whether evaporation is the same as boiling.  Looking at the Water Cycle, we also used our scientific reasoning to understand why H2O changes from a gas back to a liquid, making links between condensation and the differing temperatures in the atmosphere.




Next week, we will be looking at Food Miles and the impact on the environment, should you wish to discuss this topic with your child(ren).


Mrs Edwards & Mrs Merrett






Welcome to the first weekly update from Plaza 3!  Here you will find a brief outline of the learning in Plaza 3 this week.



Power.  Ambition.  Murder. We have begun looking at Macbeth and the children are captivated!  So far, we have reached the scene where Macbeth is made King of Scotland, so no spoilers please!!  The children have been familiarising themselves with the cast, the plot and making predictions for what might happen next.


In our writing, we have focused on the use of speech marks and using rich, descriptive vocabulary to retell the first scene on the Scottish heath.


Group Guided Reading will be up and running next week, so look out for home readers in bags smiley



We have had a whole plaza focus on multiplication this week, starting with times tables, fact families and the grid method.  Pupils have focused on either: 3 x table; 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x, table; all times tables and beyond!


As they are so important, please ensure your child(ren) practises their times tables regularly - perhaps in the car?!



The children have been investigating solids, liquids and gases, thinking about how best to define each state of matter.  We have also investigated jelly, shaving foam and modelling clay - how could we define these?!  Many of the children have also made and investigated the very strange behaviour of Non-Newtonian fluid.  Over the coming weeks, all children will have had the opportunity to do this.



Using the placemats, the children have been refreshing their knowledge of Welsh, practising key questions and revising third person and past tense.  Da iawn!



All the children thoroughly enjoyed 'Running the Gauntlet' in our Tag Rugby session, despite the heavy rain and in hockey, we have been developing our dribbling skills.  In the Daily 10 the children are beginning to pace themselves more effectively, so that they can sustain running for the whole ten minutes, which is great!



Plaza 3 have been thinking about what it means to be a global citizen and how they can be effective global citizens in school and the wider community.  With a particular focus on looking after the environment, children have been thinking about how we can care for our school grounds and what could be done to improve the local environment. 


It's been a busy week!


Look out for another update next Thursday.


Mrs Edwards & Mrs Merrett