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Maths Learning w/c 25th March 2019


Here are videos to support our maths learning this week (for converting imperial to metric and vice versa, please visit the video section of Corbett Maths).  We will be focusing on units of measure; changing units of measure; converting imperial to metric; estimating and measuring; conversion graphs and reading scales accurately.


Any discussions or practical help you can give at home will be beneficial to your child's learning.


Many thanks,


Mrs Esmiley


Maths Learning w/c 18th March 2019


Below you will find videos linking to our learning for this week - decimals and percentages.  Discussion and practical examples of this learning at home will help understanding.




Mrs E smiley


Maths Learning w/c 11.03.19


Please find below video links to support learning in Maths this week.  We are focusing on Fractions (revision) and Ratio/Proportion (new concepts).  


Fractions are particularly difficult for children to grasp, so any additional discussion and practical examples of fractions you can find at home will support their learning.  


Many thanks,


Mrs E. smiley

Week commencing 3rd December


Well, it's December already! sad


This week, we are having a focus on Science as part of our Extreme Sports mini-topic, however there will still be plenty of opportunities to practise their maths skills through the daily 'Fast 10' - 10 questions which keep all of their knowledge 'on the boil' whilst adding in a few challenges too!  


The children will also be using their Maths skills in Science - through creating and interpreting data using bar charts and line graphs.  We will pick up on our space and measure work next week.


Thank you,


Mrs E

Week commencing 19th November 2018


This week, we are continuing with our learning about fractions: revising simplifying fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions.


How can you  help? As per last week!


Thank you,


Mrs E no


Week commencing 12th November 2018


This week will see the children prepare for the enterprise sale on Friday afternoon, organising themselves into production, quality control, stock takers and marketeers.


We will also begin a block of work on deepening our understanding of fractions.  This week we will look at 'What is a fraction?' in more detail; calculate fractions of amount; convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa; compare and order fractions by finding the lowest common multiple to make the denominators match in order to compare them.


How you can help? Times table knowledge is key to children being able to successfully work with fractions as well as being able to link what we're doing with everyday examples e.g. sharing out an amount of money or food with family and friends.  Any opportunities you have to make this link with them will help consolidate their understanding.


Thank you! smiley


Week Commencing 5th November 2018


This week we will be preparing a Business Plan ahead of Enterprise Week next week.  In Product Line Teams, the children will work together to cost the items need to make their product, undertake market research and produce a projected profit/loss figure.  There will also be time for them to think about how they will market their products ahead of the sale next week.


How can you help?  The children are going to be using business terminology e.g. profit, loss, stock, expenses, costs, revenue.  Discussing these at home would be useful.  Hopefully, the children will be very enthusiastic about it and more than happy to discuss their progress and ideas at home! 


Mrs E smiley