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29th March 2018


Eggcellent Fun Over Easter


Don't forget to name and customise your eggstra friend over the holidays!! Take them wherever you roam; have eggciting adventures!!  Take lots of piccies (including selfies!) and maybe even write a story or keep a diary for your eggstraordinary friend.


Pasc Hapus,


Mrs M and Mrs EMrs M's friend, Egglina, relaxing on the beach

22nd March 2018


Additional homework this week, is to design a 'Croeso' poster for Mrs Morris.  The poster should include the word 'Croeso' and be really bright and colourful.


All posters to be returned to Mrs Morris by 27th April please.


Diolch yn fawr iawn.


22nd March 2018


Following our visit from the Rural Crime unit, could all children please design a poster on the topic 'Theft of Animals and Poaching'.  The poster should be A4 size, in portrait not landscape.  You don't need to write any advice on it, as the posters chosen to go into the book will have that printed on the bottom of each picture.


If you would like to enter, please make sure that your full name, age and school are on the back of the poster.


Posters should be returned by 27th April please.


The PowerPoint will be uploaded in the Homework area, if you want to look at it again smiley

1st February 2018 - Internet Safety Logo Homework

25th January 2018


Thank you to all those who took part in last week's PE based homework - the Circuit Training!  We will analyse the data next week once everyone has returned their homework :) 


This week, in Discovery, the children assumed the role of History Detectives investigating a mining disaster in Abercarn, in 1878, where 300 people perished.  The homework this week, is to investigate other, similar disasters in Wales, during the Victorian era.  Children may choose to put their findings together on Hwb or produce something on paper.


Well done to everyone who brought their homework back this week - 10HP each!


Mrs M & Mrs E no

19th January 2018


This week's homework is P.E!  


At school, we have been measuring our baseline data for some circuit training exercises.  This weekend, we'd like you to do this at home with your family!


For example, measure your Mum's standing jump and record it.  How many press-ups can your sister or brother do in 2 minutes?  How long can Dad do the wall sit for?  Take some measurements...have fun...record the data in your homework books (perhaps, in a table!).


Enjoy!  Mrs M & Mrs E


11th January 2018


This week's homework, as part of our Discovery Learning, is to research the life of Queen Victoria and create a biography which they can then use/access during school time learning.  It would be preferable for the children to have a hard copy of their homework, but we can print this off in school if that is helpful.


10 House Points will be given for this week's homework, assuming it meets our usual, high expectations!!


You may find the weblink below a good place to start smiley


Please bring your homework back into school by Tuesday 16th January.


Thank you.



Next week, we will be starting our DT Project.  In preparation for their learning, this week's homework is to research native birds and find out about their feeding habit, as well as where they like to nest.  Children could also research which birds they are most likely to see locally.


The information could be presented as a fact file or non-chronological report.


This website is a good starting place smiley


Happy twitching! 






All pupils are to write a letter to either Mrs Merrett (Y6) or Mrs Edwards (Y5) to apply for the role of Junior Road Safety Officer.  Even if the children don't really want the role, we would think this is a good, real-life opportunity to write a letter of application!


Letters to be in my Tuesday please frown


We will ensure that the letters from children who do not wish to be considered for the role are not included in the final selection.


Thank you smiley



This week's homework is to complete your entry for the Staedtler Sketching Stars competition.  Do not glue your entry into your book - it is two-sided!  Please complete you artwork, put your name on it and return to school by Tuesday.   Good luck!


The winner will receive:


  • A Craftshop Workshop devliered by Art Attack's Lloyd Warbey for their class
  • £250 worth of stationery for their school
  • A Staedtler goody bad and certificate
  • An Art Attack themed prize for the winner


The runners up will get the chance to win:

  • £250 worth of stationery for their school
  • Staedtler goody bag and certificate




This week's homework is to sketch or draw a man-made object, using the sketching and shading techniques we looked at in ART this week.


For more hints and tips (and the 'Austin's Butterfly' video!), see the Awesome Art page smiley


We look forward to seeing your artwork!


Mrs E and Mrs M





Mrs E's Maths Group...please check the Maths area for details of your Home-School project!! frown



Read all about it!


This week's homework - linking to our learning in English this week - is to find a selection of examples which highlight the features of newspaper articles. Can you find 6 key features and explain them to your family?


Following all our work on area and perimeter this week, measure your bedroom and calculate the perimeter and area.  Draw a floorplan of your room, labelling the length and width, together with calculations for the perimeter and area.





12/10/17 Homework Activity - Design a Poster

This is the time of year that there are lots of coughs, cold and other bugs about that can be easy for us to pass between each other. One of the best ways to try to avoid catching or passing on an illness is to make sure that we are regularly washing our hands.

Our Plaza are going to enter a competition to design a poster that encourages children and adults to make sure they are thoroughly washing their hands. The pictures below give you some extra information about the competition, as well as some advice about good hand washing techniques.

Your poster entry must:

- Use a full A4 page in your homework book (portrait or landscape - the choice is yours!) You could create the poster on a separate sheet but this MUST be glued into your homework book.

- Include the words 'Golchwch eich dwylo!' and 'Wash your hands!'

- Be eye-catching and well presented

- Be your own work - so no copying and pasting text and images from the Internet unless you know they are copyright free

- Can be created using coloured pencils, felt pens, paint, a computer or a combination of different materials, as long as it is 2D so that we can photocopy and scan your entries.

We look forward to seeing your entries next Tuesday!