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If you enjoy board games, I can heartily recommend the Timeline Game.  I bought this for Christmas and really enjoyed playing it with my family and it's really improved my History knowledge!  There are lots of packs, but I can recommend starting with the British History pack.


Happy gaming! smiley


Mrs E. 





Next Wednesday (17th January), the History Squad are coming to visit us to deliver a Victorian immersion day.  Part of this will be to experience what school life was like for Victorian children.


If possible, it would be lovely if the children could come into school dressed in Victorian clothing for the immersion day although this is not compulsory.  If it helps, the clothing needn't be gender specific!


Examples of Victorian costume


Spring Term 2018


'The Victorians'


Use the word mats below to help you to spell key vocabulary for this topic no




The Victorians - Glossary of Key Vocabulary